About 503ljwalker

Artist, Sculptor, process. The works are stated by chance; a spill a peel a roll of coins.Nails are then placed surrounding the stain, peel or coins, these nails create a boarder. The edge of the plywood is then outlined by nails. Next string is worked back and forth between the two boarders. concept. The work is exploring different ways to move from one moment to the next. As well as looking for the beauty in chance.
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2 Responses to Developing

  1. Paul Yeiter says:

    Love the value changes created on this one! Do the strings alone create the light and dark values alone or is the board painted or stained below the created “triangle” shapes? I’d love to see it in it’s actual size!

    • 503ljwalker says:

      I covered the wood with a shellack. At the center point a put a nails and tied a string to it to cast shadows radiating from the center of the piece like the sun and surrounding planets. I also mixed paint with the shellack to create the shadows.
      Thanks for the comments and feed back Paul!

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